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Roberta Marone
I was born in a family where Art always had a lead role. My father is the Neapolitan painter Antonio De Vity and my mother is a pianist and teacher. So I was grown up between brushes, colours, and paintings but I’ve never felt that attraction! I was more involved with music, singing jazz standards inclubs. After my first daughter was born I had no more time to sing, and by case discovered découpage while I was looking for Christmas decorations and gifts. I can state that it was “first sight love”. In a few weeks my kitchen was full of books, papers, colours, brushes and stuff to decorate. I realized how much I unwittingly had learnt during all those years passed looking at my father’s work. I tough I could have never painted a simple background and instead after the first easy projects, I realised how easy was for me to create a fake marble or a lapis lazuli, and how much my pictorial touch ups were improving. And the most beautiful thing was the possibility to create everything I had in my mind by the right choice of paper, and the way it harmonized with a good choice of colours, materials and shapes.

So in a few years I started to collaborate for a very important Italian découpage magazine, showing several découpage projects. I tough I was at the top I could reach, and by the way I’m now member of the Worldwide Artists of Découpage, and I still can’t believe myself, and for this I must thank two wonderful persons, Mr. Roy Larking and Ms. Marion D. Peer.

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